Lancia thesis 2.0 turbo soft

The values quoted in the chart indicate how many liters of fuel diesel, gasoline, etc. You will find a large contingent of humour, the uk cars for sale uk fits: A Instituteproduced an excellent drag coefficient of only 0. The fuel system is also returnless, i. The rear brakes are equipped with ventilated disks, servo assistance, anti-lock braking system ABS.

Panoramic front windscreen, distinctive 2 part chrome bumpers, removable side screens, soft top and Pinin Farina styling. The ignition system features individual coils installed directly over the spark plugs.

Save as favourite search. The power unit is special because it turns very roundly due to its 6 cylinders - and also offers formidable torque enhanced by a 5-speed automatic transmission converter. The curb weight of the automobile is kg. The top gear ratio is 0.

It had a different transaxle split casewhich was more robust and similar to that used in the later Flaminias. Safety, both passive with a structure designed to minimize injury in an accident, and active, such as ABS and airbagwas also near the top of the Dedra's agenda.

A highly rigid engine mount and lighter pistons also make the power unit very noiseless. Cars from this series no longer have panoramic windscreen and now have fixed quarter-lights. You should contact the ad creator directly with your questions. Data about other models by Lancia with similar values of fuel consumption in extra urban areas.

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The pistons come with an omega shaped combustion chamber while the valves are operated by an overhead camshaft. The tappets are mechanical and the auxiliary drivebelt pulley is double-acting to reduce crankshaft torsional vibrations and power unit stress on the belt and driven components.

It used the same engine and transmission that the Delta Integrale 8v. The cylinder head gasket is metallic multilayer type to ensure maximum reliability. The front brakes are equipped with ventilated disks. Describing the driving quality, Horrell wrote: Absolute safety, in other words, including an innovative electronic handbrake that engages and disengages automatically whenever the car stops and starts.

Fourth series[ edit ] The fourth series introduced the new de Dion tube rear suspension.

Second Hand Lancia Thesis 0 Turbo for Sale in the USA

Return to price brand selection. The Lancia Thesis is a weird looking car [ed. note: think beluga whale-weird], especially at a first glance, but once you look beyond the peculiar headlights and very slim rear lights, you’re.

Lancia Thesis (model ) Sedan pressão de pneus. DISCLAIMER: We cannot and do not warrant that any information on this page is absolutely current and correct, although every effort is made to ensure that it is kept as current and correct as possible.

LANCIA THESIS - Technical specifications. LANCIA THESIS - WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS WANT. LANCIA THESIS - WHAT THE THESIS OFFERS. The Lancia heritage. The Lancia heritage - Flagships: A Lancia tradition The Lancia heritage - The Aurelia. The Lancia heritage - The Flaminia.

The Lancia heritage - The Lambda   Turbo Soft: 20v: V6 CAE. Lancia ECU Remapping and Chip Tuning. Please Note some of the figures below and for demostration purposes only, All Lancia’s are custom tuned to the customers needs &.

Lancia It is essential when ordering that all details are filled into the order form especially the Vehicle details. We will double check that you have ordered the correct sensor, as listed in the current Catalogue's prior to dispatch.

The new Thema marks a new chapter in Lancia's legendary history. The first global flagship that combines the best of two worlds, the Thema was designed .

Lancia thesis 2.0 turbo soft
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